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About Me

Yo, perv - stop looking at my nipple and read my bio!

Things you should know about me:

I’m a leo. I went to Yale. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Magna cum laude, distinction in 2 majors, English & Theatre.

Suck on that, losers!

Fine, yes, there is other stuff too. I had a nervous breakdown when I moved to LA following college. It took years of therapy, yoga, writing, finding God and whatever else I could hold onto to help me out of that black hole and get me back on track.

Suck on th–

- uh – I mean… forget it. Hey, I’m still standing, right?

I used to have a band. Singer/songwriter thing, the whole 9 yards. The Shana Susman Band, if you must know. Yes that used to be my name, and if you want to know why it’s completely, unrecognizably, unpronounceably (to Americans, anyway) different, read the blog “Ch-ch-ch-changes” (use the SEARCH box on the right margin).

I wrote a novel. No it didn’t get published. Chic lit-meets-the-spiritually-enlightened-journey novel. Yeah, the agents I spoke to who liked the writing & loved the story didn’t think it would be an easy sell either.

I’ve written a bunch of screenplays. Some have been optioned. More are in development. Robert McKee told me to say that.

I’ve written plays. A one-woman show with original songs. Poems (bad ones). Songs (pretty good ones). Articles (who cares).

Worked in jobs for mean bosses, potty-mouthed bosses, awesome bosses, and almost had a break recently in the TV-writing world.


And now…?

I’m married and I’ve got three kids. With, AHEM, another on the way. Never complained I wasn’t fertile!

Gotta love a blog. Short and sweet.

Just like me!

Except I’m 5’10″. But you know what I mean.

Hasta la pasta & ciao for now! c/xo, Sheva

What’s that below? An audio version of what you just read? [Or at least, of an earlier version of what you just read.]

Way! Download it, girl! Seriously, put me on your iPod. I dare you. :)

BatSheva – My Bio

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