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Cigarettes, Gas and a Sharpie

posted by Sheva @ 11:39 AM
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ahhhhh…. The sweet, sweet smell of cigarettes, gasoline and a sharpie.


I’ve never had a particularly sharp sense of smell. So I missed out all those opportunities to enjoy the subtle aromas of a delicious meal, or a spring day, or a delicate flower. But generally, I’m grateful for it – most smells we encounter every day are, after all, pretty disgusting. Pee on a public subway/street/stairwell, someone at the gym farts (never me), dirty diapers… I do smell these things, and they are gross, but I’m grateful I don’t actually smell them that much.

Actually, there was one time in my life I DID have a very acute sense of smell – when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. For the other two pregnancies, my nose stayed mercifully muted, but with Racheli in my belly, the world was suddenly awake and alive! Roses, perfumes, food, spices, trees, the grass… wow! So this was what it’s like to really have a sense of smell!

And then… I had to change my son’s diapers with that same heightened sense of smell.


Lots of throwing up with that second pregnancy.

I remember watching as a friend of mine, who was only in her first or second month of pregnancy and not telling anyone yet, blanched when she stepped into a room, muttering, “wow, some people’s perfume is just really strong,” then ran to the bathroom to throw up. Dead giveaway.

In my normal, not-pregnant-with-Racheli state of being, my nose minds its own business. Doesn’t make a fuss over amazing smells, doesn’t complain too much when something stinks. There are a few exceptions; I hate the smell of cigars so much that it makes me feel like throwing up, but for every cigar there is a cigarette – a smell that I shouldn’t reasonably enjoy, but I do.

I like to walk on the street past a smoker and breathe in deeply. I don’t want a smoker living with me, and I don’t think I’d like the smell in my house, on my clothes, in my car, etc. But once in a while, just a whiff as I stroll down the street… maybe it’s nostalgia for my teen years, but it does bring a little smile to my face.

And gasoline? Let’s put it this way: when I was a pre-teen, I had a massive sticker collection. Puffies, sparkly stickers, ones with liquid inside, furry ones, and of course, scratch and sniff. My favorite scratch and sniff sticker was a car. A car that smelled of gasoline.

And finally, the Sharpie… well, who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh Sharpie in the morning?

Sheva (BatSheva Vaknin)

Mmmmm, delicious!

2 Responses to “Cigarettes, Gas and a Sharpie”

  1. Hugo says:

    Right there with you on the cigarette.. how I miss them!

    • Sheva says:

      I was never even a proper smoker! I TRIED to be – I smoked a lot in high school and throughout college – but my body was too sensitive and I would never keep it up, especially when alone. But I do connect the whole smoking thing with having fun with friends, going out, traveling, being young…

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