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Fun Things to Do While You’re Sick

posted by BatSheva Vaknin @ 12:25 PM
Monday, December 5, 2011

This past week I got a really bad cold, so naturally I felt like I was dying. For some reason, I’ve become a healthy purist in recent years, and I no longer take pain medication or over the counter cold remedies. I rely solely on homeopathy and my own immune system to bounce back from illness.

I’m not against western medicine – I’d take antibiotics or whatever was necessary if it was the only way I could get better – but I’ve learned over the past 7-8 years that I really don’t need as many meds as doctors (and my own hypochondriac mind) would lead me to believe. This system of not over-medicating has paid off – the fewer meds I take, the less sick I get. But once in a blue moon, I still get knocked down by a virus, and last week was such a moon.

In the absence of mind-altering and/or sleep-inducing meds, I had to come up with other ways to pass the couple of days I was out of commission. I came up with a few great ideas, which I thought I’d pass along to you in case you ever find yourself in a similar predicament.


1. Throw up! What better way to prove to your spouse, kids, and self that you are REALLY sick and not just faking it so you can have a day off from dealing with work and kids? Barfing. I did it, and it was awesome.

2. Never get out of bed, for over 24 hours! This one is especially fun when you’ve got three kids. Just look at Dad getting them all dressed for school! Fed and clothed! Bathed and brushed! Okay, maybe not brushed. And maybe not bathed… but they’re alive! Driven to Karate class on time! Hey honey, can you get me some tea while you’re at it? And more tissues? Love you!

3. Let go! Okay, so my son’s English homework didn’t get done for two days and I don’t think the kids brushed their teeth in two days and Esther’s diaper didn’t get changed before bed and the house still looks like a small tribe of Indians took over and then left suddenly when the winter downpour started, but it’ll all work out, somehow, right? Right?? RIGHT??

4. Stay in your pajamas for two days! Wear your husband’s favorite warm sweater, sweat profusely in it, then crank the heat some more, it’s freezing!

5. Test the limits of your hair! No hairbrush, no shampoo, no grooming. Never mind that my hair looked like a wind-swept collection of winter leaves. Think of it like a science experiment mixed with a preschool art experiment. In your hair.

6. Test the limits of your feeble illness-inflicted brain! Don’t venture outside for two days, and when you finally take the plunge, realize you have no idea where your purse is. Almost give up on your outing and then realize your purse is already on your shoulder. How did it get there? Magic.

My husband did an excellent job taking care of our 3 kids for two days while I languished in bed sick and watching half of season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy. (Leave me alone – I said I was sick, not blind.) Still, even with all my fun new activities, it’s good to be back among the living.


Sheva (BatSheva Vaknin)

See! For just one day and one virus (and no hairbrush), you too can have this fantastic fashion-forward look.

2 Responses to “Fun Things to Do While You’re Sick”

  1. Jerry says:

    I’m totally with you on the meds thing – don’t go to doctors any more, haven’t for years. And I AM against Western medicine when it comes to “disease” – I think it’s only valid for trauma. But the one thing I do swear by when it comes to colds coming on is Cold-Eeze. It’s about as natural as you can get when it comes to over-the-counter stuff, and it really works. I pop them frequently when I feel something coming on, and most of the time I don’t get sick; when I do actually get something, it’s extremely mild and gone quickly.

    • Sheva says:

      ya know… I used to do the Cold-Eeze thing! I’ve kind of forgotten about it. But I remember I loved it, the Zinc, whatever it was that made it work. Good call, my friend. :)

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