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Looks Like a Princess

posted by BatSheva Vaknin @ 11:34 AM
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kayla and Brittany are my kids’ favorite babysitters. They both are super cute and adorable young women (I’m guessing their ages are in the 20-23 yr range), both are great with the kids, smile easily, and are warm and friendly.

But their personalities are not what set them apart and make them the FAVORITES. After all, the kids adore Rachel (who promises and sometimes delivers treats), they have fun with Brianna, they play well with Sara, and they see Ericka (Esther’s old nanny and now our part-time housekeeper) as another family member. All those sitters were and are wonderful with our kids – affordable, reliable, and know how to get the kids to play quietly, listen even more quietly, and most importantly, to SLEEP.

What all those other sitters are NOT, however, and what Kayla & Brittany ARE, is…


Kayla and Brittany are not only great babysitters, they are – in the eyes of my kids and especially Racheli, my 5 year old tastemaker – BEAUTIFUL. They are, in the words of Racheli, “like princesses.”

Both Racheli and Esther, my 2 year old, mention Kayla and Brittany often, throughout the day. Mind you, Brittany has only babysat ONCE so far, and Kayla maybe three times. But the blonde impression firmly imprinted itself upon their little Disney-saturated brains.

I don’t try and use this as a ‘teaching opportunity.’ I haven’t scolded them for preferring blonds, I haven’t warned them that they shouldn’t so readily accept the advertising world’s definitions of beauty, and I haven’t reminded them that princesses come in all shapes and sizes. (Well, strike that; according to Disney, Princesses do come in all COLORS now – but in all SHAPES and SIZES? Not so much. More of a Barbie complex when it comes to the size 0/2 princess bodies.)

The truth is, it doesn’t appear to me that their wide-eyed appreciation for Brittany and Kayla’s hair and eye color (did I mention both have blue eyes, too?) comes strictly from the TV/books/media. It is possible it is an organic preference they developed (somewhat) on their own. I remember as a very small baby, my son Yehuda would stare and stroke blonde hair for as long as we’d let him – and he never acted like that with any other color or texture.

Okay, full disclosure: the fact that it could be a ‘natural’ preference is NOT the real reason I’m passing up this opportunity to use this as a teaching opportunity.

The REAL reason I’m keeping my mouth shut is that I have no desire to rock this particular boat. They love the babysitters – hooray! That means my kids will most likely not attack and/or make the babysitters cry and/or make the babysitters run defense the entire night until midnight when we finally get home and/or drive the babysitters to call me after we’ve only been gone an hour or so, sobbing and/or demanding that Aharon and I come home right now and warning me they will never come back, and/or threaten my kids they will call the police on them if they don’t behave while they wait for Mommy and Daddy to return…

Yes – those are all scenarios that have happened before. My kids are amazing but I never said they were perfect angels, did I?

Bring on the princesses…


Sheva (BatSheva Vaknin)

Kayla. I mean Brittany. Whoever she is, I hope she's free next Saturday...!

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