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What’s the deal with this Blog, anyway?

Click on the link below if you’re interested in what I have to say but you really can’t be bothered to read anything longer than 2 sentences. You can listen here or download it to your computer and listen later… Who needs Pandora when you’ve got TheGrownUpGirl Blog posts to listen to, right?

BatSheva – What’s the Deal with this Blog, Yo?

The rest of you, especially those of you who – like me – used to pour over the articles in fashion magazines as a child, barely noticing the clothes (don’t worry, that part came later)… jump to the black text below & read on!

I blog about my life, my thoughts, my observations. Girly shtuff. Though now that I’m AHEM-orty, more like GrownupGirly shtuff.

I wish I had recordings of all my songs… I’d like to upload them all and share them with the world!

But alas, alack, (Shakespeare reference for those of you who went to the School of Hard Knocks)… no such luck. I only have a precious few. I would like to learn guitar and accompany myself, someday… tho I challenge anyone to teach me to hold the F chord (with barred fingers) before I’m 50.

So instead I offer to you all, my gentle readers… an audio version of many of my early blogs. (Stopped after a few months when I realized no one was paying me to do this and do I REALLY need to take another 30 minutes to record & upload the audio? No. No, I do not.)

But if you stumble across a song or an audio version of a flashback blog – Download it, email the blog link to your friends, share it on Facebook & Twitter… Let’s make this a GrownUpGirl World!

PS! When I sign my blogs “c/xo” it’s cuz I’m givin y’all “cheek kisses” not mouth kisses. Unless you’re my husband, in which case you are allowed to blot out the “c/” with your finger when you read my blog.

Who am I kidding, he’s not reading these blogs! I love him anyway.

PPS! i’m allowed to say “y’all” cuz my dad is from Texas. I was indoctrinated at a young age – I could sing you at least three “Texas” songs off the top of my head that I bet you’ve never even heard of.

PPPS! And I’m allowed to write stupid shorhands like “cuz,” cuz I may have 3 kids but I’m still young at heart, son!

LONG LIVE GROWN UP GIRLS EVERYWHERE!!! And their karate ass-kicking sons too.


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