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posted by Sheva 12:22 PM
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My husband can be so cute. The other night he urged me to start writing more blogs that reference inspiring people like Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg (2 Directors of the Kabbalah Centre), and Chapee Dopick.

Ummmm… “Deepak Chopra,” you mean?

I shouldn’t talk, though – I’ve taken to shortening my phrases, too, à la the Israelis who don’t bother with petty “to be” verbs.

So instead of the incredibly long-winded, “In five minutes I will take the kids,” I now get by on the delightfully brief, “Five minutes I take them.”

Yale, Shmale.

And the English language is not the only point of departure between the Israeli and the American. The tone of each language is also diametrically opposed.

Case in point: Once I walked into our living room and my husband was on the phone, shouting in Hebrew. He was really giving it to whoever was on the other line – I assumed it was a subcontractor who screwed him over. It got so ugly that I finally had to leave, not to allow the stress of his phone conversation to leak into me.

When he hung up the phone, I returned to the living room.

“Jeez, what was that? Who were you talking to? What happened?”

“What do you mean?” my hubby replied casually. “I was just talking with my mom about what she will send the kids in the next care package. She sends you her love, by the way.”

See what I mean?

Customer care becomes tricky when dealing with Israelis. “Tricky,” in the sense that it doesn’t exist. At least not in the way we expect it.

Israelis are practical, abrupt, and direct. We Americans like to be talked to gently, softly.

They are Spartacus. We are… Chapee Dopick.


Sheva (BatSheva Vaknin)

Can't imagine him shouting at his mother, now can you?

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